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Read What Our Customers are saying about Champion Treats:

From Ben, Owner of Glenn Ridge Farms:

“Since the non steroidal anti inflammatory “Equioxx” came on the market for
Equine’s, we have looked for a way to administer the product. It comes in a
paste, pill or injectable. The pill was the least expensive. We tried all the
various commercial “soft” horse treats that you could possibly hide a pill in,
feed to the horse and know he was getting the medication. Some of the horses
would eat the treats with the pill but for most of the horses, they knew
immediately that there was medicine in it and refused. We tried the Champion
horse treats with the pill pocket and there is not a horse in my barn of (18)
that refuse the champion treats even with pills.
Love the product.”

From Krista:

Your product is the only one that my pony hasn’t gotten smart to! She needs her allergy meds 2x a day and is also on no extra sugar. Thank you for making such an awesome product and helping her stay healthy and within her diet!”

From an Melissa at unnamed Tack shop:

“Hello Champion Treats, we love your products and want to feature your brand on our website.”

From Doug:
“My horse loves them. Can’t wait to try the pill dispensers. If I could buy them by the 5 gallon bucket I would.”

From Janyse:
“These treats are great for horses that need less starch and sugar in their diet. The first thing you’ll notice is their aroma,
I took a taste because they smelled so great, delicious! No additives or artificial ingredients, which is extremely important to me.
My horse loves them……I highly recommend them!”

“This is my second purchase of these low sugar snacks for horses and won’t be my last.
For me, they smell good enough to eat and for my horse…..well,
no other treat will do. Thanks for making such a great natural product.”

From Cindy:

“Hello. I’m so thrilled with the amazing pill pocket treats. My horse loves them and are exactly what I’ve been looking for. My old guy is 34 with cushings. He’s doing fantastic but it’s not without its challenges in finding a product your horse can have. Thank you. I’ll be ordering again. Take care.”