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Champion Treats
6708 Sage Ct.
Adamstown Md. 21710
Phone # 301-919-8857

    Return and Refunds:
    Unused container is to be packed securely for shipping and include the receipt (retain a copy for your records). All shipping charges must be paid by the customer.
    COD deliveries will not be honored. Champion Treats must be emailed with complete order information prior to return.
    The customer agrees that use of our product from Champion Treats is at your sole risk and without warranties of any kind, expressed, implied, or otherwise including warranties of fitness.
    We are not liable under any circumstances for any damages arising from the use of our products or for any information appearing on merchant websites.
    Information Privacy:
    Information such as your name, address, telephone number, and email address is collected for the use in shipping products and is not shared under any circumstances.
    Credit card information is not retained or stored.  The Champion Treats website is a secure site for all information used.
    Importance of Refrigeration:
    Refrigeration slows bacterial growth. Bacteria exist everywhere in nature. They are in the soil, air, water, and the foods we eat. When they have nutrients (food), moisture, and favorable temperatures, they grow rapidly. Bacteria grow most rapidly in the range of temperatures between 40 and 140 °F, the “Danger Zone,” some doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes. A refrigerator set at 40 °F or below will protect most foods.
    For the best experience we urge you to only take to the barn the number of treats that you will be using that day and leave the rest in a refrigerator because the product has no added preservatives.