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FREE SHIPPING-Welcome to Champion Treats and Pill Dispenser Your horse will run you down for these treats! Champion Treats Low Sugar are easy to feed no added sugar, delectable treats for your equine friend. Champion Treats Low Sugar are low sugar and formulated for Insulin Resistant, Cushings, and sugar sensitive equines!

Champion Treats unique Pill Dispenser assist with delivering equine medications easily and without any mess.

Champion Treats Low Sugar pill dispensers are now available in both Large Pill Dispensers and Small Pill Dispensers (new). For more information on sizes see the horse care page.

Champion Treats Low Sugar are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients our treats and Pill Dispensers are free of corn, soy, and wheat flour and contain no added sugar.

Champion Treats Low Sugar are made with ground roasted peanuts, ground sunflower seeds, ground sugarless peppermints, ground flax, ground oats, and sugarless peppermints Horse treats and our Pill Dispenser treats are available in 1 and 2 lb. containers.

Champion Treats Low Sugar are very firm and may not be suitable for equine lacking teeth of chewing abnormalities’ (See Horse┬áCare Page).

There is almost a zero crumb factor, and the shelf life is fantastic.